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Remedial Massage Treatments
massage shoulders.

Incorporates some of the following techniques with a focus on treating specific areas of pain or injury, to help heal muscles and other soft tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage
Slow, firm pressure applied along your deeper muscle fibres. Helps relieve chronic muscular pain and tightness, sporting and occupational injuries.

Trigger Point Therapy
Sustained pressure applied to abnormally contracted, tender points within your muscles. Helps relieve chronic muscular pain and improve your range of movement.

"Jodie has sorted out every ache and pain my partner and I have had over the last 15 years."

massage back muscles.

Transverse Friction
Deep, rubbing movements across your muscle fibres and soft tissues. Helps break down adhesions and scar tissue.

Therapeutic Massage*
Non-specific, usually lighter pressure. Improves your circulation, reduces muscular tension by flushing wastes and prepares your muscles for deeper treatment.

PNF/MET Stretching
Assisted stretches involving contract/relax techniques to improve your range of movement.

Helps prepare muscles for and aid recovery from training and competition. May incorporate remedial massage techniques or brisk, lighter techniques to warm up your muscles pre-event and flush wastes post-event.

"I would and have recommended Jodie to anyone seeking seriously amazing massage therapy."

massage deep back muscles along spine.

Treatment can generally be provided throughout your pregnancy in positions which are comfortable for you and supported with pillows and bolsters. If you have had any problems during your pregnancy or have a history of miscarriage, please talk to us prior to booking your appointment.

*Please note: "Relaxation only" massage is not remedial massage and may not be claimable under private health insurance.

Remedial massage could help you!

We would love to help relieve your muscle aches and pain.

Phone us on 3366 7566 and we can answer your questions and book your remedial massage at our Ashgrove clinic today!

If you have any major health conditions, such as cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular problems etc, please check with your Doctor/Specialist about remedial massage prior to booking your appointment. If you have cold or flu symptoms, you should postpone your remedial massage until all symptoms are gone.